The Japan RUB plasma days are a combination of two events, the offiicial RUB International Science Day 2018 with a partner country Japan organized by the central administration of RUB and the plasma science days. 


Japan Plasma Science meets RUB Plasma Science

The cooperation between Japanese and German plasma scientists has a long tradition. In 2018 a two day workshop is organized to interact with renownend Japanese scientists in the framework of the two collaborative research centres SFB 1316 and SFB TR 87. 

RUB International Science Days 2018 - partner Japan

The RUB Japan Science Days 2018, within the frame of the RUB International Science Days, represent the start of a recurring format that the Ruhr-University Bochum created as a new platform for dialogue with its partner universities throughout the world. The goal is the sustained expansion of the cooperation in teaching, research and transfer as well as in the fi eld of university internationalisation in strategic focus regions with renowned universities at the level of rectors and presidents, international/global engagement offi ces and further university institutions dealing with issues related to transfer and social responsibility. The RUB International Science Days are each devoted to a guiding topic of high societal relevance that offers multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to research, teaching and transfer, and documents the willingness of RUB and its partner universities to assume social responsibility.

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